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ColEngine P2 FPGA Miner (Alephium, Radiant, Iron Fish, Karlsen)

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The ColEngine P2 represents a top-tier cryptocurrency mining apparatus leveraging cutting-edge FPGA technology for highly efficient mining endeavors. Its standout feature lies in its versatility, supporting four distinct algorithms: Alphenium, Karlsen, Rxd, and Ironfish, making it suitable for various cryptocurrency mining operations.

Here’s a table showing the supported algorithms along with their corresponding coin, frequency (MHz), hashrate (Gh/s), and power consumption (W):

Algo Coin Frequency (MHz) HashRate (Gh/s) Power (W)
Blake3 ALPH 360 37.13 1458
Sha512256D RXD 320 22.28 1236
Blake3 Iron 440 332.48 1395
Karlsenhash KLS 340 32.08 1484


Basic information

Delivery Time5 – 15 working days
ShippingWorld Wide, with some exception
PriceUSD or USDT
PaymentYou can pay the desired miners with Bitcoin, Kaspa or USDT. You will get our USDT, KAS or BTC address, after you make the order! Confirmation time could take 30 to 180 minutes.
How can I check the profitability of a machine?Please go to
I will get power cable for my miner?No, the miners are sold without power cable, but if you need, we can insert one or two in your package!


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